The Darkest Hour
Linda Louise Rigsbee
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The next book in the Carmen & Alex Series is:
For Better or Worse

Carmen and Alex are happy with their marriage. They have everything they want – even children, through adoption. Then the mother of their youngest child returns, wanting to reclaim her child. It is the situation that Carmen always feared about adoption, but the 6-month waiting period has long passed. Lori has no legal claim on Destiny, but she can fight with illegal methods.

When a man attacks Carmen, Alex rushes to the rescue – right into a waiting knife. After nearly losing his life, he goes into a coma. Carmen knows Alex wouldn’t want to live that way, but there is hope he will recover. The marital vow “for better or worse” isn’t as romantic now as it was on their wedding day. Whether or not he emerges from the coma, he is her husband. Will he wake, and if not, will her love for him fade?

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