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Favorable Reviews and Comments

10/19/09 - Boerne, TX  
My husband and I also had a baby die, just a short 5 hours after he was born. Our Johnathon didn't have kidneys. This was a healing book for me, in the part of her withdrawing and all. I didn't go the extent as Carmen did, but there were things I didn't remember that I felt I should've. Perhaps I did block them. Thanks for this book it was an yey opener for me. you are truly a blessed author! What a gift you have been given.

6/3/10 - India
You did an amazing job of creating a realistic but beautiful story. Your characters are very three dimensional. I truly fell in love with both Carmen and Alex. Just keep it up and I hope your stories just keep getting better.

1/6/11 - Georgia
It was great to see Alex and Carmen's love grow as they interacted with each other.  And how the people in their lives affected them.  Truly a page turner.

3/31/11 - Kenya
This a wonderful book.  I read it non-stop.  It moved me to tears.  You sure know how to capture your audience n keep them glued to the book.  Kudos.  You are a great writer.

7/12/11 - India (New Delhi)
i read most of your novels and i find them very interesting in fact i am a fan of yours, the way you express everything its like watching a movie... i love it .. thanks for writing . All the Best !!!! :-)

12/31/11 - Knoxville, TN
I have enjoyed reading your books. They have made me take a look at the way I perceive relationships.
Analytical Reviews and Comments

The Darkest Hour
Linda Louise Rigsbee
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